Thursday, January 3, 2013

hai y'alls . :)
So second day of school . I got to know that my works are piling up slowly . With co-curriculum , assignments , my responsibility as the vice president of the Pre-U club . Soon to be President , *ehem* , as the Ex President is out from school . It's not a big thing to be proud of really . Someone was right , i had to learn to take a big responsibility by accepting this biggg position . I have trips to plan in less than 4 months, blood donation campaign next month and lots more to come . Sigh .
I only have like 4 months to do all that . How am i supposed to balance my responsibility and my studies together . Salute to those who managed to do that . *applause* . My trial examinations are starting on April . Then i have like 2 weeks holiday and i'm back with the third semester . Fast huh ? :(
And yet i still have time to blog . nyenyenye~ :P

i just transferred some pictures from my phone so i guess i wanna upload it here as well .

tadaa :D

Batu Ferringhi, Penang :)

Then i went to visit this lil adorable monster :D

My 3 year old cousin , Wawa :)
Ipoh :)

And i met my  Prince Charming

I-City, Shah Alam :)

So, i can conclude that my holiday was quite fun . most importantly, i get to meet the love of my life , Nazrin 
Yes, i went all the way to KL just to meet him ><
and now he's in Taiping till the 6th . I hope i can fill his holiday with joy despite of me schooling. Hmm . Day by day my love grows stronger for him . The broken pieces of my heart starts to build up again .

But there's someone out there who is suffering watching us together . :(
I'm really sorry someone . what i had for you was real . i did care for you , but it was him whom i loved most ... I'm realllly sorry . :(
i guess my friends are kinda pissed off too cuz i gave a chance for him after what he did to me . *crossing my fingers this relationship will last ><

Signing off for now , i have assignments to do . sigh~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

School . Bored . What else ..? Bored . Bored . Damn BORED ! D':
i don't why i suddenly have no spirit to go to school ! it's just one more year . one more hell of a year . urgh . i got to know that i have assignments for 3 subjects that i have to submit before May . That's a good starter for the first day in school . =..="
canteen . full of kids . yes , KIDS ! you know how kids are . messy . noisy . staring like they've never looked at orange colored uniform . i just gave 'em a cold stare back . don't care much . kids~
Gawsh ! please gimme a thousand reasons why do i have to face all this ?! :O
i hope this one year will end fast .

oh well , to cheer me up , i'm officially back with Nazrin ! i'm sorry friends . i really appreciate your advises and your patience standing for my tears and heart broken stories . i just love that guy so much . i hope he won't waste this last chance again . :)

Dear someone , i'm really sorry i chose him instead of you although i know you work hard to make me happy . hmm . tears are rolling down :'(
Thanks for the good times together . :')
i hope you'll meet someone better that will stick with you forever . Unlike me . I'm sorry i left ...

I hope things will get better soon . With life , school and love . :)

signing out for now . ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

and soo , it ends again . my never ever happy relationship . again and again and again and again .
The conclusion is no matter how a guy says he's different from other guys , he is just the same and he WILL be the same .
a guy is only a HEART BREAKER .
no one to trust anymore .

Thursday, March 1, 2012

dating .. :)

wow , lamanya ta mencoret idea . hehe . so here's my inspiration , alen

there's nothing fun to do more than to spend time with HIM .
seeing HIM everyday doesn't even make me bored . mcm mane lhh na pegy U sgala nanti ..? tapelaa , cinta perlukan pengorbanan baru lh utuh kan kan ? eventhough hari-2 buat bde same , lepak tmpat same tp spending my time with him is what matters most . i hope i can be with you forever bie . i've promised and i'll keep my promises ! trust me okayy . kali ni baruu lh rasa bahagia yg betul-2 bahagia . thankyouu bie for making me feel bahagia again :)  you can be annoying sometimes but i'll give you my whole attention , patience and time to pujuk u back ! cz i dun wanna lose youu :D

*tga tgk HIM main game , gelakk-2 . bahagiaanya :))

ckp psl bahagia , ad yg masih ta bahagiaa . tapelaa , lumrah hidup lh kan . lagi pn pasangan mana yg bahagiaa sgt smpai ta gdo lgsg .. lagipun dunia ni bulatt . kadang kite duk atas . kadang bawah . kalau buat baik dibalas baik kann . :)

but hey , he's not the only person dat i miss . i miss my frens too ... miss the moments with them .. bilaa lh bole jmp lagii . hmm , masing-2 busy dgn kerjaya yg ta bawa kemana --"  jmp lhh 22 mac ni kalau result klua hari tuu . aiyakk . DEATH DAY ! jz have to wait and see . hm .

hey , my time is almost out so i gotta go . will blog later . stay true guys n gals out there . cz karma will haunt u . HAHA . 

iloveyou alen and i will love you forever and ever and ever

Friday, January 13, 2012

Oke harini saia lihat gmbr toot dgn tettt ! ><
omjayy , jeless bangett !!! ><  *cemburu buta
right now i'm waiting for him . ohh hunny .. cepat-2 lh habis driving !
wanna tell u how much iloveyou ! 

dear blog ,
hari-2 saia dipenuhi dgn senyuman pabila saia bersama si dia :)
bangun pagi , dy kejut .. senyumm :)
petang keje , dy hanta .. senyumm :)
malam balik , dy jemput .. senyumm :)
tgh malam tido , dy dodoikan .. senyumm :)

alangkah bahagianya bersama si dia . doakan saia bersama dy smpai ke akhir hayat ekk ? kali ni saia lebih yakin dgn cinta saia dan dia . sangat yakin . parents pun yakin . rakan-2 pn yakin . saia lagi lh yakin ! :D
sungguh , kali ni saia akn appreciate love better . appreciate him better . learn to be better . :)

mummy , ayah .. meet your future son in law , MUHAMAD NAZRIN BIN NOR AZMAN 

Your love is my love from now onwards 

Friday, December 16, 2011

hello blog !

lamaa gila ta update blog ! well there , hello bloggers out there , ibu-2 , bapa-2 ! :D  alhamdulillah , sume seronokk-2 , bahagiaa-2 sekarangg . syukur alhamdulillah . lps berduka cita , sedih bagai na rak bagai , aha . akhirnya , yayy dapat jugakk . kawan-2 , rakan-2 , kalian tidakk ku lupaa . maseh tetap di hati ;)
TOBEK ! yaa , dia lh tobek gedikk saia . wee~  moga-2 ta jd lain lagi lh pasni . heh . jujur , hati saia maseh ta terubat sepenuhnya , and maseh risau disakiti but , i'm taking the risk . to love again . :)
hope this will last longer than before . heh . but , let us make the past as a lesson .
- not to trust guys 100%
- not to love him TOO much
- jgn heart broke lame-2 , nnti kurus sb ta lalu makan ! haha
- sentiasa bersabar
- sentiasa tabah menghadapi dugaan

k lhh , tobekk ad dpn mata . date satt . bye readers ! ;D
happy loving 
ily tobek 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

SPM tomorrow ..

wah , lame ta update blog . tau tau jee ESOK da spm . gile kauu . soo terkenang kembali memori-2 indah bersama rakan-2 , sahabat-2 tercinta , guru-2 and even aunty jual keropok kt sekolah n also abg jang and the gang . aha . mohon restu was the day dat flood the school . ta percaya ? lihatlh sdri .. :)

friends , minta maaf kalau ade buat salah dan silap . korg tetap di hati saia . bak kata sheshe , friends forever . bloggers out there , doakan kejayaan kami . thankyouu <3
may ALLAH bless y'all out there . ^^